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Drew Pearson Company is a leading global Apparel and Headwear Company

Drew Pearson Company, established in 1985, is a global apparel and headwear manufacturing company with a philosophy of designing apparel and headwear that reflects our customers’ brands, licenses and lifestyles.

Some of the world’s most loved and recognized brands trust their apparel and headwear to Drew Pearson. Our brand partners know they can count on us to provide the absolute highest level of quality and service that their brand deserves.


Drew Pearson has decades of success in the apparel/headwear industry providing innovative, award winning uniform apparel, employee identity apparel, event themed apparel and licensed apparel.


From events like the Super Bowl to web based e-commerce stores to comprehensive uniform programs servicing thousands of employees we understand what it takes to deliver results.

We collaborate with some of the world’s most recognized brands through the strategic and creative development of apparel and headwear programs providing apparel and headwear ranging from infants to adults.


We have a diverse creative culture. Our team brings our brand partners a unique mix of creative product design paired with merchandising expertise. We prize collaboration and believe innovation comes from a diversity of creative ideas. 

At Drew Pearson, we believe in delivering great brand apparel and headwear translating the brand story into product that is as innovative and distinctive as the brand itself.  

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With experience of working with some of the highest profile organizations including all the Professional Sports Leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), multiple Entertainment Companies (Disney, Warner Bros., LucasFilm) we have the expertise to develop and manage extensive apparel and headwear programs that exceed expectations.  

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Drew Pearson develops fashion forward corporate apparel that connects emotionally with your customers and the employees who wear them.  

At Drew Pearson, we believe in great brands. Our goal is to translate your brand story into apparel that is as innovative and distinctive as your brand itself. We create apparel that integrates with the very fabric of your brand creating a memorable connection with your brand, image and products through your people.

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Since 1985, clients have engaged Drew Pearson to build and manage branded apparel programs including turn-key online store solutions providing complete fulfillment for their programs. Drew Pearson connects your people to your brand with great branded apparel products.


Drew Pearson apparel has a direct impact on the success of your business. Your employees are front and center with your customers, and with each other, every day, and their uniform is a tangible way to communicate your brand.

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Drew Pearson apparel maximizes the return on your uniform investment with durable, comfortable, easy-to-care-for apparel. When your employees look great they show pride wearing their uniform, actually increasing customer satisfaction and employee loyalty.


Drew Pearson inspired innovations and fresh design approach have allowed us to thrive for over 30 years in the apparel industry. We are driven by the desire to create and design apparel that combines the most advanced fabrics and fabric technologies with award winning design excellence. 


Reinventing the Company Uniform Apparel Store experience.  We make the creation, availability and delivery of your company apparel powerfully simple.

As an industry leader in web store development and customization, Drew Pearson develops and implements all aspects of your web-based uniform store including site design, management, security/stability reviews, maintenance and hosting.

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Our unwavering commitment to customer care is deeply rooted at every level of Drew Pearson. Our account management structure is built to support the many program needs of our clients. A designated Drew Pearson Account Manager will be responsible for the management and leadership of your uniform program.


Oversight of Drew Pearson's responsible sourcing program is a crucial part of ensuring the quality, variety and value customers deserve. Our global supply chain network consists of the finest retail-grade garment manufacturers.

The mission of Drew Pearson's responsible sourcing program is to promote worker well being, support vibrant communities and reduce our environmental impact. We strive to produce all Drew Pearson products in a way that provides economic opportunity for workers while ensuring safe working conditions and strict adherence to local, national and international labor laws. We work with suppliers who share our values to be stewards of the community and the environment, and actively support their efforts.


Often the most important relationships we deliver are with the strategic suppliers in our global supply chain. They extend our capabilities and support our commitment to sustainability and assured supply. Everything we do with them is focused on what our customers need from us.



Our quality assurance process is integrated from design through ongoing receipt of production at our warehouse. Drew Pearson is committed to delivering quality products to our customers by providing consistent workmanship, color and performance with each order.


We provide our suppliers with hands-on training to support the continuous improvement of their quality assurance processes. We also recognize that durability is an important factor both in meeting our customer’s needs and for product sustainability. We are working to increase the lifespan of our products through product development and quality tests.


Our goal is to always exceed our customer satisfaction objectives through our quality management principles, highly experienced personnel and layers of production within the supply chain. 

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Drew Pearson is an industry leader in recycling and ecologically-sensitive manufacturing. We are a champion of the environment, committed to a greener workplace and an efficient supply chain.

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Our facility and supply chain teams have reduced our energy usage at our home office and distribution centers by implementing energy-saving practices and switching to energy-efficient light fixtures. We also recognize the impact we have by moving people and goods around the world. Our sales and credit teams participate in a work-from-home program that takes cars off the road and have reduced business travel by using web-based trainings. Our logistics team reduces our impact by ensuring efficient transport of our products, including improving container utilization rates and using intermodal transportation. We also ship with carriers that have adopted fuel-saving technologies and operational practices.

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Drew Pearson recognizes that water is a critical issue of our time. We strive to conserve water in our operations at our home office and our distribution centers. We encourage conservation by our employees and have invested in water-saving improvements to our facilities. We also realize that a large impact comes from the production and use of our products. We have committed to using the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s (SAC) Higg Index to evaluate our processes and support the improvement of our factories’ environmental management systems.

SAC is a group of nearly 200 global brands, retailers, manufacturers, government, non-profit environmental organizations and academic institutions committed to improving supply chain sustainability in the apparel, footwear and textile industries. 



We are always looking for ways to reduce waste in our operations. We have compost and recycling programs in place at our facilities across the U.S., have seen huge savings from reusing cartons at our distribution centers and have launched several successful paperless initiatives. Our corporate recycling program includes regular collection events for electronic waste from our office and encourages employees to recycle their e-waste from home. We have also reduced waste in our supply chain by eliminating plastic bags in some shipments and pallets from ocean containers.


Iconic, Pioneer, Game Changing...


Just a few adjectives used to describe the Drew Pearson brand in the headwear industry.  


Since 1985, we have developed and delivered millions of hats that tell a lifetime of stories producing countless smiles along the way. ​


We actually started in Drew's kitchen with a simple plan to create the perfect hat. A hat that is extremely comfortable, stylish and incredibly durable. To achieve the highest quality and make every hat rooted in the belief you are what you create.


With decades of experience working with all the Professional Sports Leagues (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), Colleges, Entertainment Companies (Disney, Warner Bros., Star Wars) as well as some of the world's largest companies, Drew Pearson continues to deliver iconic, game changing hats today.


Whether you are looking for custom caps for your company or special event we have you covered with some great Drew Pearson Custom Headwear.  

We hope it's obvious, we love to create hats.  Hats that tell a story.  Hats that are collectables.  Hats that are favorites. Hats that are worn and worn with pride....  Let us create a hat for you today!



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